Istikhara method

What do you understand by Istikhara method?

Many people have misconceptions regarding Istikhara method they are not very much clear that what is the exact purpose of performing Istikhara. Some people think it is the method to learn about that what is going to happen in the future life of the person but here we clear you that this method is performed to seek Blessings and consent of Allah for doing any important work. When a person practices this method when he is going to do his important work he seeks that Almighty Allah should guide him or her whether what he is going to do will be in his favours or not. Then Allah guides him either by showing him a dream or by giving some clues and hints in his routine life about it. If something negative clue comes from His side then that person spots that work and if there is positive clue then he goes forward to do his work. There is nothing like that Allah will show you in dream your future.


Is Istikhara method help in making decision of marriage?

Marriage is the most important relationship of life because we have to spend our whole life with that person so mostly people wishes to make best decision. Istikhara for marriage is the best and th most authentic way to learn about the future of your marriage. You can learn many things about your marriage an about your partner before marriage. Allah will let you know that whether the person you are going to marry will right decision or wrong. Many people who are around the age of their marriage have many questions in their mind. Some of those questions we are defining here:

-When i will get married?

-With whom i will get married?

-What kind of partner i will get?

-Will my partner love me?

-I will have a successful married life or not?

-Will i get married in India or abroad?

-How many children we will have after marriage?

-My partner will love me or not?

All such like questions can be clearly answered by doing the method of Isitikhara for marriage. You can also learn about he success and happiness of your married life. This is the most powerful and authentic way to learn about your marriage.

What is the importance of doing Istikhara method?

The main importance is that you will get the best decision and solution for your problem and the second main importance is that if the work you are going to do is not favourable for you then by istikhara you can be saved from the unwanted situations. You will be saved from the loses and harms you have to be faced after doing that work. By doing this method you can get solution for any problem related to any field of life even can avoid your future problems. There are different types of Istikhara methods available those are performed for the different purposes. This method can solve your all problems in a very short time period. Do not blindly follow any Istikhara method you must learn it completely and must attain the complete knowledge about the method. For any informations related to this field you can contact us.


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